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It´s rugged coastline makes Norway the right place for a sailing holiday: The skerries, holms and underwater rocks are fascinating - and potentially dangerous. Make sure you are in possession of up-to-date sea charts, available from authorised book shops in Norway and abroad. It is required by law that lifejackets are provided for each person on board any private boat / vessel.

When arriving at customs, you must present ownership and registration documents, nationality certificate, and hire contract if relevant.

Always fly the national flag, and keep clear of military zones. To help plan your sailing holiday, the Norwegian Tourist Board has produced the books, Cruising in Norwegian Waters and Guest Harbours in Norway: These are available from The Scandinavia Connection. It is also possible to take part in organised sailing trips. Contact regional tourist offices.


The coast of North Norway is a unique island realm with innumerable isles and islets, some near land, some far out to sea; some inhabited, others not. We organize tailor-made trips for your party to the most interesting of the islands, where we can see and enjoy the bird and animal life at close quarters, anchor up in a bay and enjoy the peace and quiet of a bright summer night, take pleasure in the spectacular scenery, or simply take in every day life in a fishing village. And don´t miss discovering Helgeland at the Arctic Circle, with its thousands of isles and islets.

The mountains of North Norway are perhaps not as impressive when measured in metres above sea level, but one must remember that they often rise straight up from the sea and even then they can reach heights of almost 2.000 metres. The close proximity to the sea makes the views beyond description on a bright sunny day.

Arctic Circle Yachting is located in Bodø and offer a wide range of modern sailing yachts, well-equipped motor yachts together with more traditional vessels. We hire out vessels complete with experienced skippers/instructors, or as bareboats (only the modern sailing yachts). The calm and peaceful atmosphere that surrounds us in the North Norwegian countryside does something unique to us.

It helps create better relations between people, far away from the stress of every day life and the demands that are made on us. In one respect, we become at one with nature. The magnificent colours, the shades of daylight and smells, the silence, the movement of the sea, the mountains and the flora and fauna all make an impression on us, allowing us to view life in a new light.


We wish, together with our clients, to create a prduct adpated to your individual needs, where the boat as well as experience is matched to each customer. Your holiday is valuable. Let´s make the holiday of your dreams! Our beautiful charterboats have the highest standard and comfort, quality all the way and excellent sailingabilities. We charter our boats both with and without skippers. Our boats are situated in the central area of Bergen. At the quay-side, where check-in / check-out can take place, there is access to shower, toilet and cleaning/drying facilities for clothes.

Bergen is an allround and excellent place to start your sailing endeavours. We will gladly help you to find those beautiful, hidden bays of tranquil and serenity in the beautiful island-conglomerate outside Bergen. Here you will find excellent sailing conditions, and are you a fan of fishing we aer sure you´ll get some good catch. Sailing in the Majestic fjords of Norway is almost unforgettable. Combinig sailing with other experiences, you might want to sail in the Geirangerfjord, Hardangerfjord and go glacier walking on the Folgefonna Glacier. And in Jondalen you have the summerskiing resort. On longer trips you can visit coastal towns like Haugesund, Stavanger, Florø and many many more.


S/S Vega is used, during the summer, for chartered tours on the Oslo Fjord. It is possible for groups og up to 100 people to rent the boat for a lunch or dinner cruise. In September the vessel sails up along the coast to Lofoten for a Killerwhale safari. Later in February, the famous cod fishing season in the Vestfjord, turning the fjord into an adventurous maze of boats and people.

S/S Vega is available for single daytrips or for trips of 5 days duration in the period form February to mid April. She is an xtraordinary and extremely capable sailing ship. The facilities onboard are exellent with 6 cabins and room for up to 12 persons. The boat has tow toilets and a shower. For preserving the fish we have a huge freezer onboard. The deck is spacious and the boat is fully certified for these kinds of tours.


The Statsraad Lehmkuhl is not a passenger ship. As crew onboard the (Statsraad Lehmkuhl) you stand the ship´s watches and do the ship´s work. You are quartered below decks, in hammocks, just like they did generations ago. You´ll be on duty alongside professional seamen, doing anything from being on watch or steering the ship, to working in the galley.

The maritime traditions are kept active, especially the sail manoeuvres. For many people, going aloft up the rigging to furl or unfurl sails is one of the most exiting things on board. You will meet different people from different countries and with different backgrounds. The strange thing is that, when being out at sea, the companionship is all that matters. The atmosphere on board is indescribable; it has to be experienced! You need no sailing experience beforehand; professional seamen will train you while you are aboard.

A mini cruise with the Statsraad Lehmkuhl is a perfect way to experience the skerries near Bergen. The open mini cruises include live music and a delicious meal of shrimps and herring, and you can eat as much as you like. You can buy refreshments on board. Whether the cruises go north or south of Bergen, depends on the wind and weather. You should bring warm clothing for cold and rainy days. The cruises start and end at Bradbenken (in the centre of Bergen).


S/Y Goxsheim and Aurora Borealis Sailing Ship Charter. We are here to give to you the magnificent North Norway from the deck of one the largest sailing ships in this part of Norway, also probably the most beautifull and definite the most comprehensive. We are located in Bodø and offer a wide range of products as Lofoten Voyages, Killer Whale Voyages, North Cape, Sauna voyages, Fjord fishing and sea eagle watching.

From late October till January the Killer whale is gathering in the inner parts of the Vestfjord and the Tysfjord. They have been following the herring, hunting for food.

  We will arrive in Tranøy, a small place that was about to be desolated, but has risen into activity with a restaurant, inns and studios. We will maybe visit the Tranøy Coast Light, today made into an "inn" but still active as an important coast light.

And when the evening darkness has come to us and if the sky is clear, the possibilities of watching the Northern Lights as it winds and trembles on its way across the black sky should be very good. A fantastic and mythological sight!

OSLO, the capital of Norway.

BERGEN, The Gateway to the Fjords.

GEIRANGER, breathtaking scenery

STAVANGER, a "timber" town, the largest in Europe, also the capital of Oil.

HAUGESUND, here rests Harald the Fairhaired, Norway´s first king, buried at Haraldshaugen, Norway´s national monument.

ÅLESUND, at the city mountain Aksla, you have a breathtaking gradient and a fantastic view over the alps and the fjord.

MOLDE, "the Town of Roses".

KRISTIANSUND, three islands connected by bridges and the lively harbour in its town centre.

TRONDHEIM, worth your while.

BODØ, the town of the sea eagle.

HENNINGSVÆR, a fishing village in Lofoten.

TROMSØ, "The Paris of Scandinavia".

HONNINGSVÅG, at the northern tip of Norway (North Cape).

LYNGØR, the best preserved village in Europe.

KRAGERØ, picturesque and idyllic.

RISØR, the white town on the Skagerrak.

HOLMSBU, The idyllic village near Rødtangen.

DRØBAK, an idyllic coastal town, from its origins as a little coastal village.

TØNSBERG, enjoy the view from the Castle Hill.

FREDRIKSTAD, the Old Town on the east bank of the river, a real pearl.

MANDAL, with a 250 acre nature reserve over 2 kilometres of sandy beaches.

ARENDAL, based around seven small islands.

LARVIK, burial mounds from the Iron Age at Mølen.

LILLESAND, display of flowers in the summer.

GRIMSTAD, Ibsen´s youth home.

SANDEFJORD, the whaling town.

SKUDENESHAVN, a charming harbour and fishing village.

FRØYA, have 5000 smaller islands, islets and skerries.

HITRA, is the biggest island south of Lofoten.

ØRLAND, surrounded by the sea on three sides orland is a haven for sailing enthusiasts.

HALSA, the very characteristic boat of Nordmøre is Geitbåten.

RUNDE, the waters are known to hide a large number of shipwrecks as well as the puffin. It nests in screes and holes in the ground, making it difficult to count.

VEIHOLMEN, the fishing station where there is always lots of activity with fishing.

TRO ISLAND, a approximately 4.000-year-old rock carving from Røøya, which documents skiing´s thousand-year history.

NESSTRAUMEN, the third strongest maelstrom in the world.

LOFOTODDEN, Norway´s largest coastal cave.

RØST, the climate is ideal for the production of stockfish.

SVOLVÆR, the Svolvær Goat, is the town´s most characteristic feature, and it represents a challenge to climbers.

TYSFJORD, every fall the herring and the killer whales enter the fjord to spend the winter here. Stetind, the national mountain of Norway is also here.

STAMSUND, one of the largest fishing villages in West Lofoten.

LYNGEN, the most mountainous landscape in Norway.