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Historically, Kristiansund is the dried cod capital of Norway, and you cannot leave town without tasting Bacalao at one of the town´s fish restaurants. The statue in the harbour is a tribute to all "klippfish" workers who contributed to establish Kristiansund as the Norwegian klippfish town.

 Kristiansund Harbour  

Kristiansund is not a big town and it does not have a large population, but the friendly attitude. The statue Klippfikkjerringa is made by Tore Bjørn Skjølsvik.

Fourteen kilometres northwest of Kristiansund we find Grip, with more than 80 islets and skerries, scattered in the open sea. The ancient little red stavechurch, centrally situated on Grip.

Kristiansund´s public ferry-boats (Sundboat) have transported passengers between its islands since 1876. Before the bridges were built they were the town´s main means of transport, and they are still very popular.

 Trond Østgaard