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The district contains several of Norway´s best known attractions, not least Trollstigen and Europe´s highest vertical mountain face Trollveggen. Idyllic hamlets and villages, mountain-tops reaching up to 6.000 feet, fjord-side beauty spots and wonderful viewpoints.

 The Kylling Bridge  
The Kylling bridge

The Kylling bru is built of blocks of granite in a self-supporting structure. It took all of ten years to build the bridge.

The Rauma Railway was opened in 1924. The river Rauma is actually all the valley floor there is and the Kylling bridge connects the sides of the valley 60 metres above the surging waters.

Vermafossen waterfall is another sight worth seeing, you find it near by Kylling Bridge, wild and beautiful scenery. And easily accessible.

 Trond Østgaard