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The theme manor on Bjørøya, in the middle of the Krøderfjord. A beautiful location in some of Norway´s countryside most typical of its cultural heritage. One of the country´s largest and most special timberbuildings. A folktale museum since 1986. Exhibitions each summer with themes taken from folktales, both national and international. A place of cultural and magical experiences.

The building was erected in 1890-92 as the country house of timber merchant Svend Haug and his wife Thea Haug in Drammen. The architect was Herman Major Backer, whose other commissions included old Skaugum (now home of HRH The Crown Prince) and the Johannes Church in Bergen. The style is representative of the national romanticism marking architecture in the last years of the 19th century. In detail and architectural approch we find elements from the Saga Age and Middle Age.

A boarding house from 1914-60, it was used by the Germans during the occupation. The decline began in the 1940´s. In 1980 it was decided to let "Crow manor" be burned to the ground as practise for the fire brigade. But the Norwegian Cultural Council intervened. With public support and a joint effort, the building was restored and opened as a folktale museum in the summer of 1986.


In 1996 we opened a section dedicated to the great collectors of Norwegian fairy tales, P. Chr. Asbjørnsen and Jørgen Moe and to other collectors, informants (tellers off fairy tales) and the best-known illustrators (Th. Kittelsen and Christian Skredsvig´s) of such tales, inciuding the very first ones. Scenes from the tales are found everywhere in more than 40 rooms of the building.


Norefjell is one of the most dominating mountains in Southern-Norway, and is considered as the "real" mountain closes to Oslo. The terrain is hilly, with Høgevarde as the highest point at an altitude of 1.459 metres.

Norefjell ski resort is located near Villa Fridheim, with 11 ski lifts providing access to 20 groomed runs, for a total of 23 km of slopes with a drop of 1.010 metres.

In the event of large snowfalls, early risers can enjoy unprepared "powder" on the slopes. Norefjell´s snowboard area features a big jump and many other features.