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First you´ll find out witch County you want to visit. Find out what kind of accommodation is available and then go localy and find out more about your pick. Even simple accommodation such as hunting lodges and camping chalets are of high standard. First you´ll find the place to go, then book the accommodation of your choice.


Called "hytte" in Norwegian, this type of accommodation is perfect for those who prefer to explore one part of the country thoroughly. Chalets come in various sizes, but normally house four to six people. The chalets always have the basic equipment, and furnishings range from the simply comfortable to the sumptuous, and prices vary accordingly. If you want to spend just one night in a chalet and then move on, you can stay in one without prior reservation on a camp site.


In the Lofoten islands in northern Norway, you can rent a traditional former fisherman´s cabin, called a "Rorbu". The fishermen used to come to Lofoten from other parts of the coast for the winter cod fishing season from January to April, and would make these cabins their temporary homes for the duration. Most have been modernised, and a number of them have their own shower and toilet. Nowadays you will also find newly built fishermen´s cabins too.

Although most "Rorbu´s" are in the Lofoten islands, you can rent these cabins all along the coast of Norway from north to south. What´s important is that the cabin is by the sea shore with excellentfishing! The local regional tourist boards will supply you with further information.


British style bed & breakfast is developing in Norway, all of a high standard. Generally booked through the local tourist office on the day or. You may find accommodation signs displayed along roads or directly outside houses (Rom or Husrom).

It is possible to rent camping cabins at many of the camping sites in Norway. In order to provide guests with the best possible information on the standard of the camping cabins, they are awarded from 1 to 5 stars.

The cabin consists of one room and necessary furnishings, and electricity.

In addition to the above: Electricity (lighting, heating, refrigerator, hot plate, etc.). The cabin may have several rooms.

In addition to the above: Water supply close to the cabin. Separate bedroom. Indoor tap water can replace separate bedroom.

In addition to the above: Hot and cold water, WC / shower. Cutlery / utensils, etc. 1 living room, min. 1 bedroom.

In addition to the above: Hotel standard with self catering facilities.

General speaking, cabins of all categories must adhere to the official requirements regarding rental of accomodation.

Please note that cabins are rated independently and do therefore not have any connection to the system of star-rating, which classifies the individual camping sites.

Most cabins do not have a toilet or shower, so the available joint sanitary facilities on the site must be used.

Cabins are usually equipped with the necessary basic equipment. However, to be on the safe side, it is advisable when booking to enquire whether pots, pans, crockery and cutlery are available, and whether bed linen can be hired or should be brought along.

Prices vary a great deal depending on category and standard. Contact the camp-site where you would like to rent a cabin for the exact price.

Hiring cabins is becomming increasingly popular, so we advise you to book as early as possible, if you are to be assured of obtaining your chosen cabin.


Norway is one of the most exciting and beautiful countries you can imagine.

How about hiking on the magnificent upland plateaus, boating on placid mountain lakes or on the sea?

You can try your luck at fishing in numerous rivers, lakes and fjords. The possibilities are countless.

The camp sites are child-friendly and many have activities, excursions and so on to offer which can help to provide an active holiday full of experiences.

Many camp sites also have high-quality huts to let.

In Norway, you will also find facilities where you can empty your toilets, i.e. the toilets in your caravan or camper. These are signposted along the road.

Norway has the largest remaining areas of wilderness and open countryside in Europe. You may walk whereever you like in the open countryside, but you must respect it and must not be a nuisance to landowners or other users of the area.

You may also park beside the road as long as you do not hinder other traffic. You must, however, ensure that your parking does not conflict with local restrictions or with signs.

Take care of the countryside and help us to ensure that future generations can enjoy clean Norwegian nature.


The petrol price will varies regionally.

(95 octane)
NOK 13.30

(98 octanel
NOK 13.40

Diesel oil
NOK 13.50

Leaded petrol is not available in Norway but lead replacement gasoline is widely available.