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Stein Erik Hagen is a businessman and former merchant. He is known for many years the owner of the grocery store supermarket "Rimi", which has earned him the nickname "Rimi Hagen". Stein Erik Hagen lives in his home in Voksenkollen.

Today Stein Erik Hagen is one of the largest private investors through the family company Canica, which has substantial interests in Orkla (where he is Chairman), Jernia, Komplett, Ignis. According to the news magazine Kapital, Hagen is the second richest person in Norway.

Hagen is educated at Kjøpmannsinsituttet (now part of the Norwegian School of Management). He founded the "RIMI" discount store chain along with his father in the 1970s, and retained ownership until the 2000s, when he sold to Swedish ICA and Ahold. Most of the money was ploughed into Orkla. Hagen reportedly owns one of the biggest sailboats in Europe the 42 meters long Canica and used to own his own island in the Caribbean, which he has sold.

Stein Erik Hagen has three children from his first marriage and a son from a later relationship. In 2004 he married Mille-Marie Treschow, the couple announced in 2012 that they were separating.

He provided financial support to the Liberal Party in the 2005 Norwegian election and to the Liberal Party, Christian Democratic Party, Conservative Party and Progress Party in 2006. Hagen has for several years been in opposition to the Stoltenberg government´s tax policy.

In December 2011 it was announced that the garden has got prostate cancer. He wants to be as open about this to help people become aware of prostate cancer and that several former can detect the disease. Hagen receive treatment for the disease in the United States.

More info about Stein Erik Hagen at Wikipedia.

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