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Excursions to the museum-loaded Bygdøy peninsula and the Holmenkollen Ski Jump, most attractions can be covered on foot. Several of the attractions in Akershus and Oslo are suitable for impulse visits in the summer and winter, while others are only open during the season.

 N A M E  T Y P E / A D D R E S S / M A P
 P L A C E
 Vigeland Sculpture Park  The unique sculpture park.  Oslo
 Vigeland Museum  The unique sculpture museum.  Oslo
 Holmenkollen  Ski jump above Oslo.  Oslo
 Ski Simulator Holmenkollen  Ski-Simulator next to the tower.  Oslo
 Kollensvevet  zipline from the top to the bottom.  Oslo
 Opera House  The Opera House in Bjørvika.  Oslo
 Munch Museum  Scandinavia´s leading painter.  Oslo
 Kon-Tiki Museum  The original Kon-Tiki raft.  Oslo
 Polar Ship Fram  The strongest wooden ship ever built.  Oslo
 Oslo Cathedral  Original pulpit and altarpiec.  Oslo
 Ibsen Museum  Ibsen´s home.  Oslo
 Royal Palace  Where the King and Queen live.  Oslo
 Parliamant Building  Constructed from 1861 to 1866.  Oslo
 Aker Brygge  Formerly used for shipbuilding yards.  Oslo
 The Royal Yacht  The yacht is owned by the King..  Oslo
 Nobel Peace Center  Combines exhibitions and film.  Oslo
 Oslo Reptile Park  More than 100 animals exhibited.  Oslo
 Oslo City Hall  The city´s administrative body.  Oslo
 Villa Grande  A permanent Holocaust exhibition.  Oslo
 Ekebergrestaurant  The funkis-restaurant with a panorama view.  Oslo
 Bogstad Manor  Central position in Norwegian history.  Oslo
 Gol Stave Church  Rebuilding on Bygdøy. .  Oslo
 Henie-Onstad Art Centre  A large collection of international modern art.  Høvikodden
 Eidsvollsbygningen  Norway´s first national monument.  Eidsvoll
 Drøbak Aquarium  Close to the harbour.  Drøbak