O L A F  -  V I K I N G  &  S A I N T

On the 29th of July 1030, Olaf Haraldsson fell in the battle of Stiklarstathir (Stiklestad). Why was the battle fought, and what were its objectives? Was it about who was to be Norway´s sovereign? Was it about christianization of the country? Where there other controversial issues? Who were the King´s foes, and what were they fighting for? And at last, but not least, who was Olaf Haraldsson?

Oalf Haraldsson - Viking & Saint attempts to answer these questions. The book covers the period from Olaf´s birth up to his pothumous declaration as patriot Saint, becoming Rex Perpetuus Norwegiæ - Norway´s eternal King.

The book is illustrated in colour througout.