Southern Norway extends from Flekkefjord in the west to Risør in the east, and from Lindesnes in the south to Hardanger in the north. The Skerries is Destination Sørlandet´s trademark. Sørlandet is the region with the highest number of hours of sunshine in Norway, and since time immemorial the inhabitants have been involved with the sea, the islands protecting the mainland (the skerries) and everything smelling of seaweed.


Take the trip through Blindleia from Kristiansand, but it can be made in either direction.The trip starts by crossing Byfjorden in Kristiansand, through Randesund where the typical, white wooden houses lie cheek by jowl. After crossing Kvåsefjorden we arrive in Blindleia, with its beauty spots one after the other. We pass old trading posts such as Gamle Hellesund, Kjøbmannsvik Ågerøya and Brekkestø before arriving at what is perhaps the most beautiful town in the region.

Lillesand. "Blindleia" is a cultural delight with the tang of the salt from the setting of islets and reefs. Summer guests are strongly recommended to pay a visit to this coastal sea-way with historical roots far back into time as a means of communication for dwellers on the coast. Scenery and environment in abundance.

Kristiansand Zoo is Norway´s most frequently visited attraction. The zoo is 30 years old and an institution in Norway. Every single tourist should visit the zoo, which covers an area of 150 acres of, among other things, wild Nordic terrain. Fifty kilometres north of Kristiansand you will find Setesdal Rafting & Activity Centre, run by Troll Mountain. This is a centre which arranges rafting, canoeing, mountaineering and mountain biking activities as well as elk and beaver safaris.


From stave churches and trolls to Henrik lbsen and Edvard Munch. The Telemark Canal is the only watercourse in Europe to receive EUROPA NOSTRA´S highest award. The Canal was awarded the medal in 1994 for restoration and preservation. The Europeans have given the Canal their seal of approval and deemed it worth a visit. Dalen is the terminus for traffic on the Telemark Canal.

Viking Dalen Hotel is one of the few original Swiss style hotels. It was completed in 1894 with a magnificent foyer and dining room. Its inland and alpine ski areas during the winter. Its coastline and sea, for fishing, sunning and bathing in the summer. And for boating. Its forests, piny-smelling in the sun, teeming with life, with an unbelievable variety of plants and animals. Its high mountain moors in the fall, cleansed by crisp winds, with rein deer, cloudberres and grouse.

The Industrial Workers´ Museum in Rjukan. The Blues Festival in Notodden. A visit to Henrik Ibsen´s childhood home at Venstøp near Skien. The flights of locks. The sight of timber floating downstream. Bever safaris. "Treasure hunting" in closed-down quarries and mines. Telemark Sommarland in near , the ultimate family entertainment park. Museums and exhibitions showing collections of art of yesteryear and of today.

Vemork was at the centre of one of the most important acts of sabotage committed during the Second World War, when Norwegian saboteurs prevented the Germans from developing a nuclear bomb from the heavy water that was produced there. Gaustadtoppen peak is 1.883 metres, it is Telemark´s highest mountain. It can be climbed by following a clearly marked route trom the Rjukan-Tuddal road. Travelling in Telemark is something to dream about provided you do something about it.

Township in Aust Agder

Arendal, Birkenes, Bygland, Bykle, Froland, Gjerstad, Grimstad, Hisøy, Iveland, Lillesand, Moland, Risør, Tromøy, Tvedestrand, Valle, Vegårshei, Øyestad, Åmli, Evje and Hornes


Township in Vest Agder

Audnedal, Farsund, Flekkefjord, Hægebostad, Kristiansand, Kvinesdal, Lindesnes, Lyngdal, Mandal, Marnardal, Songdalen, Søgne, Vennesla, Åseral and Sirdal.


Township in Telemark

Drangedal, Fyresdal, Nissedal, Bamble, Skien, Porsgrunn, Siljan, Kragerø, Nome, Tinn, Notodden, Sauherad, Hjartdal, Tokke, Vinje, Kvitseid, Seljord