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Farmer, Fish Farming

GoNorway presents high mountains, deep Fjords, Northern Lights, midnight Sun, polar night, fresh air, spectacular nature, glaciers, wild animals, salamon, trout, Moose, Red deer, Roe deer, Follow deer, Wild reindeer, Wild sheep, Wild boar, Musk ox, Wolf, Bear, Hares, Geese, Woodcock, Waders, Ducks, culinary temptations from the sea, high mountains to lowlands, forests, calcareous meadows and wetlands with rich animal, bird and plant life and numerous beaches, ranging from boulder-strewn beaches of the finest sand beach, best raw materials, Oslo is the business and cultural capital of the nation, Trollveggen Europe´s highest vertical and overhanging rock face, the craddle of mountain climbing sports in Scandinavia, the Romsdalen, Lofoten and Vesterålen mountains in Nordland, and the Lyngen peninsula in Troms, the black guillemot, cormorant, puffin, white tailed eagle, kitti-wake, fulmar, gannet, and black-tailed godwit, puffin colonies, as well as colonies of shag, kittiwake, and cormorants, the Eagle trapping is a tradition peculiar to the Vaeroey islanders, Norwegian Lundehund or Puffin dog, the great snipe, hen, harrier, whimbrel, lapwing, Temminck´s stint, as well as a wide variety of water and marsh birds, The island of Runde, AAlesund, razorbill, guillemot, gannet, fulmar, shag, oyster catcher, curlew, eider, and shelduck, the white tailed eagle, eagle owl, peregrine falcon, or golden eagle, salmon, cod, herring, sardine, and mackerel, Seafood is used fresh, smoked, salted or pickled, smoked salmon, Omega 3, North Pole, Father Christmas, Santa Claus, Norway is a pure region with fisheries, green pastures, small farms, and a modern meat and dairy industry, dominated by beautiful fjords, mountains, and untouched nature, Norway is naturally very well suited to produce excellent diary products, Cows and Lambs, crystal clear rivers, sea and unspoiled mountain, cheese making, Due to its availability, seafood dishes along the coast are usually based on fresh produce, wild salmon, farmed fish,

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